Mike Brillstein, known to many as Thee Mike B, has been a kingpin in the LA club scene since the late 90s, and over a decade later his respect for the underground and others’ respect for him has not dwindled. Having worked with names like Jesse Rose, Switch, Diplo, and Oliver, it’s no surprise that Mike has a deep understanding of house and the underground. The recent success of his work with Jesse Rose on “Shuffle The Paper” and “Good Wife” solidified Mike’s place in the underground house world, and with that, Brillstein was born. To draw a line in the sand between Thee Mike B and Brillstein was something that allowed a sense of artistic freedom from both sides: Thee Mike B as one of Los Angeles’ best DJs and Brillstein as a producer who got his chops in chunky productions on the Play It Down imprint from Jesse Rose.
Brillstein will be at the Underground Influence LA edition with Junior Sanchez & Blaqwell on Saturday March 11th.
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