Gabriel Angel

Los Angeles, CA native Gabriel Angel began his singing career in the halls of his elementary school and in the bleachers of St. John Bosco High School. Soon after high school Gabriel formed a “Spanglish” R&B vocal group called Fifth Row. During his time spent in Fifth Row, Gabriel had the honor to work with world famous producers Romeo Antonio (Antonio has worked with some of the greatest artists of our day, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, N’Sync, P.Diddy, Prince and David Bowie) and Damon Thomas (Thomas has logged studio time with Tyrese, Mario, and Studdard, while working on new projects by Donnell Jones, Omarion, Avant, Marques Houston, and Craig David). Fifth Row got much recognition after their appearance on the Disney Channel’s “2 Hour Tour with Nobody’s Angels,” but after many years of showcasing and guest appearing, the pop group decided to their own ways.

In 2007 Gabriel joined LA’s hottest salsa band, “Angel Lebron y Sabor Latino” with whom he logged over 325 live stage performances and appeared at multiple prestigious performance venues such as the “The Conga Room” and the world famous “Mayan.” With this new found exposure Gabriel quickly found himself being requested for collaboration projects. Gabriel has had the pleasure of singing with world-renowned Salsa singers such as Tony Vega, Sammy Gonzalez Jr., Frankie Morales, Marlon and most recently with Jerry Rivera. In June 2009, Gabriel Angel made his international day view on Mega TV’s intercontinental hit show “Batalla de Las Americas” in which Gabriel was a national finalist. Gabriel’s latest project includes production of his new dance album produced by Spaniard producer Joan Pla and celebrity Djs DJ Reza and DJ Jr. Sanchez. Gabriel’s first single “Careless Whispers” is available for free download at

Gabriel is presently in production and tour schedules are in the works.

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