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Thee-O has always been ahead of his time, as a DJ, label owner, producer, and a re-mixer. He has been heralded as one of the most popular and hardworking DJ’s in Los Angeles. Thee-O has been deemed the Godfather of the dance culture due to his longevity as a L.A. DJ since 1992. A musical entertainer since he was in pre-school, a mobile DJ since he was 13, a king of Goa and a Master of Trance and Techno in his twenties, and now a house-music veteran, DJ Thee-O of Los Angeles, radiates his musical mastery in the global electronic scene.

“It’s hard to believe that one DJ can exude such confidence and mastery over so many styles of music.” – URB Magazine

The name Thee-O has an immense impact on the electronic scene-sters that goes hand-in-hand with the Southern California rave and club culture. Ask anyone who resides in L.A. about DJ Thee-O and you will hear how they saw him at their first rave back in the early 90s or how they just heard his new track being dropped in a club downtown. Thee-O’s passion for the electronic dance culture surpasses his talent and skills at the turntables and beyond to the studio.


Thee-O is best known for his talented mixing and scratching skills along with his consistent sets that always get the crowds moving and grooving. His loyal following continues to grow not only in the city of L.A. but beyond the U.S., with help from his numerous amount of original music productions, MP3 Sets, pod-casts, CD’s, mix tapes, and his untiring efforts for the dance music industry that he loves so much. His DJing has taken him to 3 countries, 30 states and over 75 cities. Soon he will be traveling abroad to even more locations to spread his passion for the music.

“It is still a rush for me. After 16 years in this, I still find new things about that I enjoy. The music still is the main motivation for me.” – Thee-O

When he was a child at the tender age of 5, he began taking a portable record player with him at all times and amused classmates and friends with classic movie soundtracks. At the age of 13, he obtained his first set of turntables and a mixer. Throughout high school he DJ’d at school dances and house parties where he honed his scratching skills. After he graduated High School in 1991 he was about to embark on training to be an opera singer but got sidetracked when he went to his first rave in early 1992. After that fateful night, he knew what he wanted to do with his life – become a DJ in this scene! It didn’t take him long to accomplish that dream -with his first gig, “Under the Kandyground” in March of 1992, he began building a reputation as one of L.A.’s leading dance DJs.

Over the past years he has spun next to Outkast, Orbital, Underworld, BT, Judge Jules, The Orb, Paul Oakenfold, Moby, Aphex Twin, 808 State, Chemical Brothers, Mixmaster Morris, Blank & Jones, 2 Bad Mice, Carl Craig, Rabbit in the Moon, Juno Reactor, DJ Sneak, Dave Angel, Loop Guru, Westbam, X-Cabs, The Roots, Atomic Babies and many notable others.

Thee-O is the Los Angeles representative in a mix-show called Revolutions, on XM Satellite Radio. In 2003, he started his own show on XM Radio called Hazardous Radio that ran for a few years and continues on over at Thee-O can still be heard today on XM’s House/Progressive channel – The Move as well as being a guest DJ for Groove Radio on Sirius.

“When I am on the decks, it is my natural habitat, I feel most comfortable there.” – Thee-O

In 1993, he started Biohazard Productions and Studios  as collective of like-minded DJ’s. In 1995 he threw his first event aptly titled “Tomorrowland”. In 1996 he started writing for URB Magazine as a reviewer for Trance music. In 1997 he became part of the Balance Record Pool which is considered the best electronic dance pool in the country. In 1998 he released his first commercially available mix CD, “Skywalking” under the Base 9 label. In 2000 he was featured at every massive festival going off in Los Angeles, including Electric Daisy Carnival and Monster Massive. Recently, his name has spread over to the club market as well DJing for clubs like RED, Spundae, Funktion, Naked, Incognito and other L.A. establishments. He is currently known as the “Godfather” of the Los Angeles rave scene with his name on a flyer becoming almost a seal of approval for ravers.

“Thee-O is one of the longstanding and consistently amazing parts of the Southern California Rave Scene, and should be respected as such.” –

As a producer and re-mixer, Thee-O is striking hard and is known as a force to be reckoned with in the global dance community. His recent remix, with Swedish Egil, for Adam Whites & Nat Monday’s’ “Another Dominant Force” released on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Digital has received legions of buzz.

“Thee-O is a accomplished producer with a mature production skills. He is a very diversified DJ who plays a big variety of the coolest underground sounds. He is on the cutting edge and one of Los Angeles’s favorite rave DJ’s.” – Swedish Egil (Groove Radio, Powertools)

In October of 2000, he and his studio-partner Chris Arnold opened up Biohazard Studios, located inside the Til Dawn offices, right in the heart of Hollywood. In 2001, he released his first CD of original ambient and down-tempo music under the name Reef Project. In 2005, he built Biohazard Studios 2.0 and created a digital label called Biohazard Digital that sells tracks on Beatport, Audiojelly, Release Records as well as other digital download stores.

“My goals are simple. To create music that moves both me and the crowd.” – Thee-O

Currently, he is working in the studio producing tracks not only to be released on his own label but also working on tracks and remixes for other labels including Saturday Night Sessions, System Recordings, Perfecto Digital, Peak Hour Music, Source of Gravity, Ascension Records, Acute Recordings, Hunya Munya, Bit Records Mexico, Perfecto Black, South Records, Jetlag Digital and OneThirty Recordings just to name a few. Thee-O’s production work has been given positive feedback from Armin Van Buuren, Danny Tenaglia, Paul Oakenfold, Oscar G, PQM, Eelki Kelijn, Flash Brothers, Dom Kane, Hybrid, DJ Taucher, Swedish Egil and countless others. His releases constantly grace the Balance Record Pool, Release Record Pool and My Promo Pool charts. Look out for more productions to be dropping from the Biohazard Studios on many labels coming to you soon.

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